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Self-Funded Distance Learning Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses for SKE candidates ineligible for DfE funding and Qualified Teachers wanting to teach a new subject as CPD

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Biology » Physics » Chemistry » Mathematics » English » Geography » French » Spanish » Computer Science » Religious Education »

Important information regarding SKE funding

SKE funding from the Department for Education (DfE) has changed this year. The majority of funded SKE courses are not starting until 1st April 2021 with limited places available. Geography SKE is no longer supported by Government funding and bursary.

Please apply for a self-funded SKE course using this site if one of the following applies to you:

Teach a new subject in weeks!

Our CPD for Teachers brings you online SKE courses that include Key Concept videos following the DfE specification in your chosen subject plus our great new innovation, Virtual Lessons. Virtual Lessons (VL) is a comprehensive set of complete lessons that include a truly innovative way to experience how a topic is taught and experience all of the components that make up a lesson. We have the complete GCSE curriculum covered with VL in our SKE subjects. Access to these lessons will allow you to cover another subject within weeks of starting your new course with us.

Our courses allow you to learn at your own pace so whatever the duration of your course, you can usually complete at a time that suits you. Course durations are calculated at 25 hours per week which is the fastest suggested completion. However, on an 8 week course, for instance, you are welcome to spread the 200 hours of study over a much longer period.

Each participant that completes one of our courses will receive a formal End of Course Statement. This statement will be provided to the participant and can be used as evidence that the participant has met the conditions of their Teacher Training offer (if applicable) or in the case of in-service teachers, evidence of continuing professional development.

Course structure and pricing

Our courses are based on the latest DfE specifications and built around a series of high-quality presentations that will guide you through the subject content at the desired level (GCSE, A-level or both). Your progress is assessed during the course via a combination of Assessments, Audits, Summaries and Reflections, which help you identify areas of strength and areas for development. For further details of our courses, please see our brochure.

All of our prices are based on £75 per week of study. This includes VAT, a dedicated course leader and tutor plus your study books in electronic format and 24/7 technical support. Each of our lectures and lessons are aimed at preparing those who are about to train to teach specifically and are not drawn from generic learning materials.

Course prices for AY2020/2021 are:

We offer SKE courses in the following subjects:

Biology » Physics » Chemistry » Mathematics » English Language » English Literature » History » Geography » French » Spanish » Computer Science » Religious Education »
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